Savarde Water Project undertaken by MPSM and the Shrine of the Infant Jesus

“I have struggled for more than 26 years fetching water to drink. This struggle seemed endless risking my life by walking down the steep forest slope and then climbing up again with 3-4 pots of water on my head and waist. It was painful and we had to make several such trips during the day,”Continue reading “Savarde Water Project undertaken by MPSM and the Shrine of the Infant Jesus”

Water Crisis: A Dream Come True

This is a story of bravery, a story of transformation, a story of women leadership and change agents. MPSM with the financial support of Kimplas Piping Systerms Pvt. Ltd. and Norma Group Products India Ltd. and cooperation of the villagers pioneered and executed one of its kind, natural-energy and advanced-techno-based Project of Piped Water DistributionContinue reading “Water Crisis: A Dream Come True”

Prabodhan, October 2021

Dear friends, Here we release for you the much awaited Monthly Bulletin of MPSM, “PRABODHAN”. It’s an initiative of digitally reaching out to you – our family, friends, donors, funders, partners, collaborators and well-wishers who long and love to see and hear about the growth and development of the people MPSM is working with, especiallyContinue reading “Prabodhan, October 2021”


The process of planning, execution and monitoring of MPSM’s Mobile Covid-19 Care initiative in Adivasi villages of Nashik District, a felt need in the Corona Pandemic Emergency. Click here to help with MPSM’s Mobile Covid Care Unit (MCCU) Initiative 25 May, 2021: Peth TalukaNashik Centre GangodbhariPatients examined and treated: 95Covid-19 suspects: 06 25 May, 2021:Continue reading “MPSM’s MOBILE COVID CARE UNIT (MCCU) – Phase I”

Appeal for Medicines – MPSM’s MOBILE COVID CARE UNIT (MCCU)

Click here to see our progress so far Click here to see all our Covid initiatives lndia’s second Covid-19 wave has engulfed even the remote rural and tribal areas, which had bucked the pandemic in 2020. With a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases all over Maharashtra and in Nashik, we at MPSM decided to conductContinue reading “Appeal for Medicines – MPSM’s MOBILE COVID CARE UNIT (MCCU)”

MPSM’s Rural Adivasi Women Livelihood Enhancement Program

Through the Project MPSM works with 4000 Adivasi Women and their families in 20 Gram Panchayats of Trimbakeshwar and Peth Tehsils of Nashik district through 2 cluster managers, 5 field assistants and 20 community resource persons. ‘Making women the focal point of the growth and development of tribal communities’ is the vision of the Project. TheContinue reading “MPSM’s Rural Adivasi Women Livelihood Enhancement Program”

COVID-19 Relief: Food and Dry Ration Distribution

The outbreak and spread of novel corona virus and the subsequent nationwide lockdown in India witnessed many migrants stranded in cities without basic provisions for food. While some others returned to their villages giving rise to food shortages and heavy pressure on sustaining families on marginal and fragmented landholdings. We took note of this tragicContinue reading “COVID-19 Relief: Food and Dry Ration Distribution”

COVID-19 Relief: Distribution of PPE Kits

A need was expressed from the government hospital in Dondaicha, Dhule for PPE kits to the staff, ward boys and maushis (ward women) working in the corona ward. We took note of the need and having noticed the risk and danger involved in the medical services rendered, ordered for PPE kits and distributed them to the medicalContinue reading “COVID-19 Relief: Distribution of PPE Kits”

COVID-19 Relief: A helping hand to Migrants

A group of 13 people with two small children from Chhattisgarh was struggling to move out of Mohadari, Sinnar Taluka. They were stranded for a long time. They were not even paid by their contractor for the construction work done. Despite many efforts the matter was not moving any further. We with the help andContinue reading “COVID-19 Relief: A helping hand to Migrants”