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25 May, 2021: Peth TalukaNashik Centre GangodbhariPatients examined and treated: 95Covid-19 suspects: 06 25 May, 2021: TrimbakeshwarNashik Centre KhairaipaliPatients examined and treated: 34Covid- 19 suspects: 12 BehedpadaPatients examined and treated: 08 25 May, 2021: Surgana TalukaAmbatha Centre RagatvihirPatients examined and treated: 34 24 May, 2021: TrimbakeshwarNashik Centre KharshetPatients examined and treated: 37Covid-19 suspects: 04 SavarpadaPatientsContinue reading “MPSM’s MOBILE COVID CARE UNIT (MCCU) – Phase I”

Distribution of fruit and forest saplings for sustainable agroecology

Corona crisis has given rise to a gamut of new challenges in rural areas. One of them is responding to the increasing rural distress and poorer sections slipping into abject poverty. One of the solutions is to develop sustainable models of agroecology and food forests aimed at food and nutritional security and income generation. KeepingContinue reading “Distribution of fruit and forest saplings for sustainable agroecology”


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