They Fought For Water

The Piped Water Distribution project is in progress. This is installing a complete domestic water distribution system with an in-house service connection in Vadamal-Berwal, a tribal village in the Surgana Tehsil of Nashik District. This project will provide water at the doorstep of 123 families of 700 village population for drinking and other household needs. It was a fight for their right because fetching water was a nightmare for the village women from a slope of 2 kilometers, waiting for their turns through the night.

Hirabai, a village woman, shares, “I have been doing this my whole life, I don’t want the same life for my daughter! Till when are we supposed to struggle like this? We need to walk almost 2km for 2-3 pots of water. I can’t explain the situation in summer – we migrate for ater. Otherwise, who would like to leave their home and roam like nomads!”

Here is some of the media coverage for this project.

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