Know Our Works

We, Maharashtra Prabodhan Seva Mandal (MPSM), were registered on the 13th of November, 1964 under The Societies Registration Act, 1860. We are a not-for-profit Voluntary Organization under the Bombay Jesuit Management. We are committed to Rural and Tribal Awakening (“Prabodhan”) through Sustainable Agroecology, Social Forestry, Education, Health, Community Organization, Research and Training, Economic Growth through Livelihood Programs, Microfinance and Natural Resource Development.    

Our Developmental Responses

Sustainable Agroecological Development

The Program addresses food and nutritional security, livelihoods enhancement and self-reliant economic growth. The Program involves soil, water and bio-diversity conservation, promotion and application of indigenous technical knowledge, climate resilient and organic agriculture and agriculture allied activities. In the long run the Program strives to arrest distress migration of tribals to cities in search of jobs that often force them to live without adequate securities of life and just and humane living conditions.


The Education Program is committed to an ongoing research on understanding methods and techniques of learning of adivasi children and accordingly design and develop teaching aids and learning modules. Through these experiments we have been making concerted efforts to improve quality of Tribal Education through support classes in padas and villages. The effort has now spread across 70 villages of Nashik and Palghar districts with extension services in 6 more districts of Maharashtra. Local Adivasi women are trained to hold tutorials in basic English, Marathi and Maths for children of Std. I – IV. 1500+ children are part of this creative and innovative venture.

Natural and Human Resource Development

Developing and managing Natural and Human Resources is at the heart of all our activities. For years we have been working towards building Community Based Organizations and Enterprises, Local Leadership Development, capacity building on self-help, regeneration of local forests and bio-diversity by providing quality forest and fruit seeds and saplings. Along with this the monsoon ‘Parasbag’ (Kitchen Garden) Program helps towards improved nutritional and food security.

Tribal Indigenous Herbal Health Program

“Health for All” is our battle cry in combating the human tragedy of malnutrition in tribal areas. We have initiated measures to fight malnutrition and inadequate medical aid by using the tribals’ own formulations and traditional health practices. Herbal preparations are made using low cost technology. These preparations are easily accessible and affordable by all. The ultimate objective is to attend to the medical and nutritional needs of vulnerable sections of tribals and march towards holistic health.

Women Advance

300+ SHGs are functioning efficiently in 4 tehsils of Nashik and Palghar districts. These SHGs make institutionalized credit available to tribal women at lower interest rates facilitating growth in rural and agricultural enterprises and entrepreneurship. Through the SHG platform we promote adult education, awareness programs, income generation schemes and activities, indigenous health practices, enterprise planning and development, and personality and leadership development.

Our Adivasi Boardings

We have a boys boarding and a girls boarding at Ambatha in Surgana Tehsil and a boys hostel in Nashik. Considered a ‘Sacred Home for Self-Growth’ by the students these three are home for 500+ girls and boys. The homes offer facilities such as library, internet, playground, personal mentoring, workshops on personality development and monthly meetings. The ethos of the boardings is self-discipline and self-governance. Serious personal study and group activities marks the life of the “MPSM Boarder”.

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