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MPSM - Our Vision

Our Vision

“We aim at enhancing the quality of life of small and marginal rural farming communities for self-reliance”

Our Mission

“We are dedicated to promote Asset Based Integrated Rural Community Development through agroecological activities, education, microfinance, revival, restoration and promotion of tribal indigenous herbal health practices, human and natural resource development , women advance and leadership programs and tribal enterpreneurship , research, training and development”

MPSM - Our Mission
MPSM - Our Values

Our Values

(We Create)

  • W stands for ‘Wholeness’
  • E stands for ‘Excellence’
  • C stands for ‘Compassion’
  • R stands for ‘Reliability’
  • E stands for ‘Equality’
  • A stands for ‘Adaptability’
  • T stands for ‘Team Spirit’
  • E stands for ‘Earth Care’

Our Origin

Our origin goes back to 1962. Hundreds of small and marginal farmers were leaving their lands in search of sustenance in cities. Jesuits from their Nashik Parish organised food-for-work and other relief programmes to stem this exodus.  Besides help from benefactors abroad, Jesuits approached their friends and well-wishers in Mumbai for aid. A progressive group went beyond relief services with the understanding that food for work gives farmers food for a day but if they have water in their fields, they will have food for life. With a good blend of these progressive thinkers and passionate doers Maharashtra Prabodhan Seva Mandal (MPSM) came to be born on the 13th of November, 1964. Mr. Anthony Winin Pereira, Mr. Henry D’Costa, Mr. Ivan Rodrigues and Ms. Ingrid Rodrigues were the first Board Members of MPSM.  Administration and execution of projects and activities were entrusted to the Jesuits of the Bombay Province, Fr. Joaquim Barranco, S.J.  being the first Director.

MPSM - Our Origins

Our Journey

From Relief to Sustainability

MPSM - Our Journey

Our Partners

MPSM Partners

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Trustees

MPSM - Trustee - Fr. Anthony J. D'Souza SJ
Fr. Anthony J. D’Souza S.J. , Chairman
MPSM - Trustee - Fr. Arun D'Souza SJ
Fr. Arun D’Souza S.J. , Vice Chairman

MPSM - Trustee - Fr. Neelam Lopez SJ
Fr. Neelam Lopes S.J. , Secretary

MPSM - Trustee - Fr. Godfrey D'Lima SJ
Fr. Godfrey D’Lima S.J. , Chief Functionary
MPSM - Trustee - Fr. Anthony Tuscano SJ
Fr. Anthony Toscano S.J. , Treasurer
MPSM - Trustee - Ashok Apsunde
Mr. Ashok Apsunde , Member

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