Appeal for Medicines – MPSM’s MOBILE COVID CARE UNIT (MCCU)

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lndia’s second Covid-19 wave has engulfed even the remote rural and tribal areas, which had bucked the pandemic in 2020. With a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases all over Maharashtra and in Nashik, we at MPSM decided to conduct a preliminary survey in the tribal areas of Nashik district with the help of our local community resource persons (CRPs) and education class tutors. The survey revealed a rampant increase in the caseload in the surveyed tribal areas. Because of the fear of the pandemic and its consequences such as quarantine, hospitalisation or admission into Covid Care Centres, tribals have not been revealing symptoms nor are they reaping the benefits of a decent preventive and curative care. This has further worsened the situation.

Keeping in mind this gap in understanding and the need to control the rapid spread of Covid-19 MPSM has planned the capacity expansion, coordination and collaboration with the existing Government Healthcare System to meet the dire need of our tribals to fight the pandemic, starting with IEC (Information, Education and Communication). Stepping up timely intervention is key to prevention of the spread and curbing mortality through awareness and providing essential preventive and curative measures at the grassroots level.

Following are the requirements for the initiative prescribed by Dr. Prakash Patil (Reg. No. I-11784-A)

Sr. No.DescriptionDosageQuantity
1.Tab. Doxycycline100mg2000 strips
2.Tab. CoviQ / HCQ 200 mg2000 strips
3.Tab. Calpol500 me2000 strips
4.Tab. Omez 402000 strips
5.Tab. Sinarest2000 strips
6.Tab. Zincovit2000 strips
7.Tab. Diclofenac50 mg2000 strips
8.Tab. Monikind cv 6252000 strips
9.Syrup Grilinctus-Dx2000 bottles
10.Electral sachets2000
11.Reusable masks2200
13.Steam Inhalers200
14.Disposable hand gloves2 boxes
15.Tissue box2 boxes

Approximate Budget is Rs. 12.5 Lakhs.

Bank details
A/c Name: Maharashtra Prabodhan Seva Mandal
Bank: State Bank of India (Nashik Branch)
S.B. A/c No.: 10980255889
IFSC: SBIN0001469
Contact Details
Fr. Joel Noronha, SJ
Mob.: 9028444204 / 9422641783
Landline: +91253-2316062 / 2971062

Donations to MPSM are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

To help with generating receipts, on making a donation, please submit the following form:


3 thoughts on “Appeal for Medicines – MPSM’s MOBILE COVID CARE UNIT (MCCU)

  1. Congratulations to the MPSM for your compassionate and heroic work among the tribals of Nashik district, working in collaboration with existing Government health care units. Special thanks to the Jesuits, Fr. Joel Noronha,sj priests Patrick, Paul, Brothers Seby, Joel, Dr. Patil,Daughters of the Cross:Srs. Sagaya,Vimla,Celine,and Fatima,staff Madukar and Sanjay, as well as class tutors and others. Thanks for reaching out to the helpless,needy and poorest in our society. God bless your work

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